Property Damage Consulting

Pantheon delivers engineering-based solutions to enable our clients to make informed decisions.

Consulting Services

Our property loss consulting practice helps insurance companies analyze pre and post loss risks as well as damage and property claims. Our professionals represent diverse disciplines, from architecture to experts in structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. We develop engineering based solutions that enable our clients to confidently make informed decisions.



Analyzing and anticipating risks to buildings and other structures are central to pre-loss services. Based on our experience with post-loss events, we are uniquely qualified to assess, analyze and forecast the nature of risks that may affect the performance of buildings and other structures. Our Pre-loss consulting services enable clients better prepare for both natural and man-made events.



In the aftermath of a catastrophe Pantheon helps clients evaluate damaged buildings and structures and plan remediation. We analyze, document and report on the condition of diverse types of structures. Pantheon draws on 30 years of practical construction experience and applies it to provide technically informed solutions to post-loss claims.

Fire Recovery

Storm Damage

Sandy Response


Roof Failure


Sustainable Improvement

We achieve and communicate results in economic terms, presenting you with ongoing advice for further opportunities for sustainable improvements. We support your continuity and resilience goals and maximize the return on your profitability with effective claims advocacy. You will benefit from improved cash flow and reductions in collateral and claims administration costs.

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